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Did you know that the floor covering industry is a $21.17 Billion dollar industry with just over 19.13 Billion Square Feet manufactured last year? With carpet making up 41.5%, which was actually considered a flat year for carpet as 10 years ago, carpet made up over 50% of sales.

Soaring is the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Planking) category with a significant increase in commercial and residential square footage produced, up 68.3%. In my blogs, I will get into further details why these trends are occurring and the benefits of these products.

The real question is – “why is flooring so exciting?!” and really, it is. Through my blog, we will explore different products, advantages, trends, things you should know and even ask yourself when considering to make a purchase. The thing we all have in common, is we all need flooring – at some point, in some time you will purchase a floor. Like anything it can become addicting due to the crazy trends, ever changing technology and the impact your floor will have on the style & fashion of your home.

So please join me on this journey as we open up the gateway to questions, answers, facts and anything else we come across on the blog.

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